The Tune-In Sign

Drivers passing by our display will learn how to listen to the music in their vehicle by my custom-fabricated “Tune-In” sign lit by almost 400 yellow LED lights. The construction was actually quite simple and required a fairly small number of components. Photographs of the various stages of the build can be found in the area to the right.

  1. Using the computer, the design of each individual letter was laid out on paper.
  2. Using an 8×2-foot piece of black Coro, 1/8″ holes were drilled in the same pattern as what was on paper. The Coro was then cut down to the final size of the sign.
  3. Pieces of 2×2 wood were cut to length – 3 of the full length of the sign, and 2 smaller vertical pieces.
  4. The 2×2 wood was primed with Kilz Premium latex prrimer, and then painted with two coats of black exterior flat latex paint.
  5. The Coro was attached to the 2×2 frame using galvanized screws and stainless steel washers.
  6. Lights were installed into the board – one light was wasted during the crossover from the bottom to the top, and any extra lights were left in the radio frequency area in case it needs to be changed.

The finished sign is mounted above our garage using swing chain and high-strength hooks. It is easily visible from the road, allowing drivers to tune in and listen to the music!