How Many Lights Are There in our Christmas Show?

Every year, we try to add something to our Christmas show, to make it bigger, better, and brighter than the year before. Here is a history of the total number of lights in our Christmas show and what we have added to it each year.

202138,429Adding candy canes, additional lights on the hanging balls, and more lights on the Boxleaf plants.
202034,229Added hanging balls, lights on the Boxleaf plants, and additional lights in the front tree.
201931,629Added leaping arches, lawn pond, pixel snowman, and pixel mega tree star.
201826,419Added lawn grid, mega tree, wreaths, and Chloe and Neil’s new mini trees.
201718,419Moved to new house. Added floods, strobes, and mini trees.
20167,800Our first year – had house features, bushes, and Chloe’s mini tree only.