RGB Pixels

While the vast majority of our display uses M6 and C6 lights to create a more traditional look, we have begun using RGB technology to create accents in parts of our show. These are done with three different products, all of which are sold by Light-O-Rama. This page talks about the RGB pixel products, which come in two flavors. See the images below for an example of some of the color patterns we can create!

Cosmic Color Pixels – This is one of two types of “smart” pixels that I use in our display. With smart pixels, every single light bulb in the string is individually addressable. I currently use the Cosmic Color Pixels on our snowman and mega tree star.

Cosmic Color Bulbs – These are identical to the Cosmic Color Pixels except that they are C-9 shaped light bulbs instead. These are currently used on the mega tree as well as to outline the snowman’s pond.