History of the Davis Family Christmas Light Show

The Davis Family Christmas light show is run by Scott and Megan Davis, who live in Fresno, California with their two children, Chloe and Neil. The 2016 season display was their first year doing an animated display.

There are many people through the country and the world that synchronize their Christmas lights to music. Whether the lights number a few hundred or several hundred thousand, there is something about music and flashing lights that is simply captivating.

Scott was first inspired by a video posted online by electrical engineer Carson Williams, who set his Christmas lights to the song “Wizards in Winter” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra in 2005. After doing some research, however, it was clear that the expense of creating such a show was too much at the time. The idea was all but forgotten as the years passed.

As LED light technology has improved and the equipment to run a show has gotten more affordable, however, the inspiration was reborn as the Davis Family Christmas light show.

In addition to the fact that Scott has been obsessed with lights since he was a young child, music has always been an important part of both Scott and Megan’s lives. Those two loves are combined with a desire to give their community something they can enjoy.

Scott was able to purchase the lights, equipment, and accessories necessary to create his own show, and spent hours programming his future lights to flash, fade, and twinkle to the music. His entire family loves being able to go outside on any night of the season and enjoy the magic of lights and music.

The Davis Family sincerely hopes that all visitors enjoy the show as much as they have experienced the joy of creating it.